How To Embed A SoundCloud Music Player

How To Embed A SoundCloud Music Player

A simple video to show you how to embed a soundcloud music player in your wordpress website. For more information on website design see our website

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  1. Thanks Dave! I’m a do it yourself musician & blogger. I had put my soundcloud/broadsideballadeer in a blogspot by that name. But putting a SoundCloud player widget is different at wordpress, as you clearly explained. You made it easy to do. Stop by Berkelely Calling and listen to a tune! With Gratitude! Truth Troubadour & Berkeley Broadside Balladeer

  2. Hello Dave
    How come I don’t get the same window when I hit share on my set? I don’t get the ‘edit your widget’ option and thus I can’t change the color of the player. Do you know why?

  3. Very nice how to video. I wish all such videos could be as simple and straight forward. Thank you!

  4. Hey Dave, any idea how to get rid of the little window at the bottom of the player where it shows who uploaded the songs to soundcloud?

  5. Know anyway to add a music widget in a page but hovering through the entire website pages? meaning id like the music to keep going rather then repeating itself every time a new page of a site is open. 

  6. soundcloud also connects to my mixer when i want to mix songs and stuff like that for entertainment. (just wanted to throw that out there… very important)

  7. If I add a new song to the playlist on soundcloud, does it automatically update the play list on the site, or do I have to grab the embed code after adding new song and putting the code again into the website ?

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