Google Music Desktop Demo

Google Music Desktop Demo

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23 thoughts to “Google Music Desktop Demo”

  1. So Google… it’s me… again. Sorry to interrupt. I know you are busy working but I just wanted to say that you should release this in Canada, eh?

    ~ Canadian Google Fanboy

  2. @rcj111rcj Seeing as spotify restricted my free account the other day, i will be downloading all songs i saved on there then uninstalling it.

  3. Google is the Big Brother. They know what you search, what you find, what you like, what you share, your emails, docs, videos ,music even your location, your neighbourhood. google is in your pocket with ur android phone. They’re gonna take over your tradinational PC, you wont need any harddrive anymore ,everthing will be stored at google cloud. So they know us better than us and there comes the ads specially choosen for our interests. 😐

  4. pfft, I was listening to TesseracT… before they were popular. /hipster

    I was hoping this video would be showing the actual uploading of music to the cloud via the music manager. I see that there is a 20,000 song limit, what is the limit on those songs? Can you uploading 20,000 FLAC tracks? I’m Canadian so I need my Google Beta sustenance.

  5. @spaceinvader79 Oh, you’re just pissed off because America is numbah 1, and the uk is America’s bitch.

  6. @MoldytoasterMedia I’m sorry but it is Canada not Canedia. I forgive you for the miss-spelling. It’s obvious you got an American education.

  7. @kabuCee The scariest thing about all of that… is that I’m okay with it!

  8. Those of you who are starting to use Google Music regularly may appreciate an app a friend and I threw together. It hosts the Google Music desktop player in its own window that can be minimized to the tray, at which point a small draggable control bar appears. It also responds to multimedia keys (like next track and play/pause on your keyboard). If you have any suggestions or find any issues we’re interested in your feedback. You can find it at gmusic (dot) codeplex (dot) com

  9. @ND1Razor Hmm, long live VPN, i live in holland (europe) and i got it running, i hooked up all my friends as well!
    (google something like ‘how to get american IP adress’)

  10. @ND1Razor MEEEEEP
    On my Channel is a Tutorial to use it in germany without an invitation !

  11. This is why I want to live in the US, almost fucking everything is released first there

  12. @monstaslaya lol it’s rare that we get stuff first in the U.S. We were the last get the Galaxy S2

  13. What ever happened to this PC program? When I first heard about this I requested to be a Beta user. I got the email and downloaded the program. I used it for a bit but then uninstalled (I wasn’t at the Cloud level yet). Now I’m on Android, don’t use any Apple soft/hardware any more and have been using the Music Manager to upload my songs. But the web app is useless if my laptop is not connected to the internet. I have been trying to find the original program file but all links lead to web app

  14. Then you move here, and you want to live in Japan, and you’re jealous of the fact that almost all the good GSM android phones launch in the UK first.

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