Dizzy Heights #33: Give Her a Wedding Dress

When this show goes live, it will be my lovely wife’s birthday. I am a lucky guy, because my wife is awesome. This show is dedicated entirely to her. Yes, I did one of these last year, too, but this is all-new material. Plus, I debut my new Dizzy Heights bumper, courtesy of Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr. Yay!

LOTS of bands making their Dizzy Heights debut this week, including a couple of long-overdue bands: Morrissey (solo), Possum Dixon, Dead Milkmen, Felony, Q-Feel, Erasure (!), White Town, Blancmange, Makana, Alphaville and, somehow, Oingo Boingo. I just assumed that I played them months ago.

Thank you, as always, for listening. And happy birthday, sweetie. 🙂