Google Music Beta Vs Amazon Cloud Player

Google Music Beta Vs Amazon Cloud Player

I compare Music Beta by Google vs Amazon Cloud Player.

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Google Music Beta vs Amazon Cloud Player

In this video I compare Google Music (Music Beta by Google) vs Amazon Cloud Player to see which is the best free online cloud music streaming service. Both have their pros and cons including the interface, music selection, how much online storage you get for free and more.

36 thoughts to “Google Music Beta Vs Amazon Cloud Player”

  1. Great video, as soon as Google gets the wits to accept my invite to Google Music I’ll try it out, looking forward to free music. Of course, Apple is supposed to get their hands on a cloud streaming service… jeez. You forgot to mention, how do both platforms support iOS?

  2. I signed up almost a month ago, and i stilled havent received an invite

  3. I’m still waiting for Google to give me an invitation. I requested over two weeks ago…

  4. @Newbiegirl101 I’d hazard to guess that those involved with the media (weblogs, YouTube, etc.) will be the first to get their hands on a beta invitation.

  5. Very nice comparison video Duncan, or should I call you: DOUBLE AGENT!! DUN DUN DUN DUN.

  6. @LGSP1140 He made a video of it last year. He likes it a lot and recommends it to every one.

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  8. @xian1243 awww I guess I’ll wait for the real thing! Meanwhile I’ve been using AmazonMP3 Cloud Player.

  9. Thanks for this review, much appreciated, can’t wait till this comes to the UK.

  10. I liked the content comparison, however, I’m English and you really need to slow down on the voiceover, you talk like a machine gun.

  11. @Newbiegirl101 I requested one too and that was over 4 months ago or so! They don’t want me? I don’t care! I shall go elsewhere.

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