Popdose Video Premiere: Ryan Brahms, “Love Dealer”

If you like your music videos as aesthetically pleasing as they are fun to listen to, you’re in for a treat as Ryan Brahms travels to gorgeous South America for his single, “Love Dealer.”

Directed by David Montoya, the New York-based singer/songwriter pumps out a catchy, rhythm-laden banger that perfectly complements the dreamy, saturated scenery of Cartagena, Colombia. Presumably operating on the “stranger in a strange land” trope, Brahms meets a gorgeous local and woos her using the “Love Dealer” moniker (which, if I’m honest, reminded me of that VH1 show The Pick-Up Artist for a hot second. Mystery, anyone?).

Though the “Love Dealer’s” sound is a real departure for Brahms’ usual piano-based fare, it’s indicative of a larger shift within the singer/songwriter community, showcasing that it’s not solely an acoustic, open-mic night free for all. When you have artists like Ryan Brahms creating modern pop like this set against a provocative and elaborate backdrop, it’s a sure sign things are changing.

Check out the video for “Love Dealer” below!