Popdose Video Premiere: RVG, “IBM”

Hailing from the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, RVG — more formally, but less frequently, the Romy Vager Group — self-released their debut full-length, A Quality Of Mercy, in early 2017, garnering tremendous praise and subsequently signing to Island Records to reissue the album in October. More recently, international outlets have begun to pay attention as RVG prepare to make their first foray into the United States in March to perform at SXSW, New York and Los Angeles.

The eight songs on A Quality of Mercy traverse through the myth of the tortured artist: the isolation of being trans, falling in love with a computer and the feeling of awaiting your fate on death row. Each song brimming with wit, compassion and commitment, is evident in Romy’s delivery. In her writing Vega moves beyond ego, beyond the simple confessional of the songwriter, hoping to find perspective on both world and self. In such, these songs are at once personal and universal, intimate and grand, timely and timeless.

Popdose is pleased to present the ethereal sounds in the video for “IBM”.  Let us know what you think.