Popdose Song Premiere: Bellhouse, “On a Night Like This”

Popdose is pleased to introduce Swedish electronic pop singer Emma-Lee Andersson, who goes by the moniker BELLHOUSE.  She’s just released her own dose of pop goodness with her new single, “On A Night Like This”.  It’s something of an alluring, radio-friendly track, packed with vocals that hook you after one listen (and leave you curious about this young Gothenburg singer-songwriter).

Certainly, if her bio is to be believed, this is not your average pop-star-in-the-making; she was a trained truck driver who aspired to be a criminologist (!) – if the lure of music hadn’t taken its hold.  Ms. Andersson spent time in a punk band, cutting her teeth in a no-frills manner and has now prepared to focus all her attentions on her music.

Check out the track from the emerging songstress below and see what you think: