Popdose Single & Video Premiere: Faux Co., “Set The Record Straight”/”Prozac Spacemen”

Popdose has a dual treat for you!  Chicago’s Faux Co. is the brainchild of songwriter Ben Mackey. Originally from Santa Rosa, California, Mackey has been writing ’60’s influenced indie pop songs for a decade. After stints in the bands The Subtitles and Silver Ships, Ben moved to Chicago in 2012. He formed The Red Threads shortly after with Anna Holmquist (The Curls, Ester), Claire Wellin, Ben James and Jason Homyak. Trevor Pritchett (Lucille Furs) joined the band shortly thereafter and the group played around Chicago for a few years.

In 2015, The Red Threads disbanded as Ben decided to start a new group. Pritchett joined on lead guitar with local D.I.Y. legend Chris Lee (Beastii, Bloodhype) on drums and Faux Co. was born. The group played shows locally, crafting all the layers to Ben’s melodic pop songs.

In 2016, the group headed to Downbeat Studios and Minbal Studios and recorded their debut album. Sean McConnell and Chris Lee split the engineering and producing duties and the group made a solid record, reminiscent of classic ’60’s pop. After recording sessions spread throughout 2016, with notable guest appearances by Holmquist and Danny Cohen (Terriers), the group spent the next half year mixing and mastering (w/ Mike Hagler of Kingsize Soundlabs) the record.

“Set the Record Straight” b/w “Prozac Spacemen” is the first single from the debut (release date TBD).  See what you think after listening and watching!

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