Popdose Exclusive Video Premiere: Rebecca Loebe, “Tattoo”

Popdose is pleased to present to you this lyric video from singer-songwriter Rebecca Loebe, “Tattoo” – a piece about what we leave behind when relationships end.  It’s one of the standout tracks from her forthcoming album, Give Up Your Ghosts

She’s earned over 50,000 fans across social media platforms over a decade of hitting the road and only now has signed to a label, Blue Corn (home to 3x Grammy-nominee Ruthie Foster). She’s a remarkable talent, a killer singer and an insightful, melodic songwriter who also gets to the core of life. She has a gift for melody so you think you’re listening to some lightweight pop songs but then the words kick in and whoa!

Give this a listen and find a place in your heads (and hearts) for it.

Give Up Your Ghosts will be released on Friday. February 8th, 2019.