Love Under Fire began as an interruption; singer-songwriter Dan Miraldi was ready to complete his fourth full-length album; the songs were written and demoed and the first single was released. But then November 9th hit, and his plans changed. He wrote his newest EP as a response to what was happening around him in the US.

“The current political climate compelled me to put my typical type of songs temporarily aside and instead write and record Love Under Fire,” Miraldi said. “I wanted to provide modern fight songs to energize people in positive ways and help them resist complacency. We live in an era where it is too easy to tune out, and let indifference and discouragement numb us.”


Miraldi is an NYC-based and Cleveland-born rocker. The title track, which Popdose is premiering here for you, was inspired by his desire to always be an ally for his friends in the LGBTQ community. The album continues Miraldi’s evolution in music, offering loud rock and roll with tinges of the indie-pop that’s infiltrated his sound. Though this record found Miraldi branching out beyond his comfort zone, he says, “This is not business as usual. This is not the fun-time power-pop-rock album I set out to make. Love Under Fire is the loud rock and roll record I needed to make.”

Love Under Fire will be released on Friday, September 22nd, 2017