OKC Thunder Install New MP3 System

Bluetooth MP3 System Installed In Rafters At Chesapeake Arena

Oklahoma City Basketball ArenaThere has been an upgrade to the sound system at Chesapeake Arena, home of the Oklahoma Thunder basketball team. The new system will allow for fan-submitted playlists and song requests through a proprietary software application that you can download through the App store at https://www.apple.com/ios/app-store/

The idea behind this is to create more fan engagement during games. The app will also have games and trivia, scores and results will be featured on the scoreboard during the game, giving users real-time feedback. The app will also promote future events, showcase ticket sales, and provide real-time stats for games being played in the Arena.

In addition to the addition of the Bluetooth system, they rewired the sound system to allow for surround sound playback for those streaming surround sound mixes of commercially released music. Complications arose when wiring the system and technicians discovered stress cracks in the roof of the Oklahoma City arena. Facility maintenance engineers called upon Oklahoma City roofing contractors Salazar Roofing to make the repair so that the installation of the system could be installed without further setback.

Chesapeake Arena is also used as a concert venue during the offseason. Currently, there are tickets on sale for the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Musical performances like these will not be using the Arena sound system but will most likely use their own speaker walls of sound.

Equipping the Oklahoma City Arena with these additional features should encourage fans to purchase tickets and become more involved while at the games. Immersing them into an experience not previously available. The new sound system that was installed and secured to the roofing structure, blends with the rafters and gives it an industrial look.

downtown oklahoma cityWe spoke to some fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder to get their feedback on the new sound system and the response was very positive. Here are few quotes from some of the loyal fans we interviewed after the Thunder game.

Chad Switzer“Wow we were blown away by the interaction we had during the game, kept the kids involved and gave them an opportunity to play some games”

Philip Leonard“I spent more time on the app submitting song requests and playing trivia than watching the game”

Jordan Ghimre“I didn’t need the distraction, the game is what I am here to watch. If I’m going to sit and play on an app while I watch a Thunder game then we might as well send them back to Seattle”

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