Womens Golf Annoucers

2018 Live Radio Broadcast At Golf Tournament

womens golf course

Interactive will be live and direct at multiple Golf tournaments with our sponsors at Flirtee Golf to cover the women’s 2018 golf tournaments. We will be streaming our live coverage through various online streaming platforms across the internet. We encourage our subscribers to visit our social media profiles and subscribe to get all the current events sent to you via text message or email notifications if that is preferred. 2018 is shaping up to be a competitive year for women’s golf, both professionally and collegiate. With twice the events and competitions going on in 2018 we will be broadcasting from our mobile network stations on the road for the first 6 months. We will also be recording video of the broadcast and pushing those to Youtube and Vimeo. There will be a call every hour where fans can call in and ask questions live on set. We will have various golfers with us throughout the day for in-depth segments on their golf game and practice. Women’s golf is becoming more and more popular as young girls are now growing up playing the game. Major label brands like Nike and Addidas are sponsoring these women with branded apparel. Sunglasses, shirts, skorts, shoes, watches, visors, and more. The garment industry is profiting heavy on the increased interest in women’s golf apparel. Girls as young as 5 are competing in all-female golfing events that are being put on by sponsors around the globe. With so much interest in the sport across a wide range of ages, women’s golf is blooming into a profitable niche for clothing designers and golf club manufacturers. In recent years there have even been custom clubs made for professional golfers that have become signature lines and have experienced a ton of success in sales in the local and national markets. As we continue our coverage of the tournaments we will also be reporting on international women’s golf events from our sister companies that will be live on the golf course covering the game. There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass and pine trees out on the course, walking the greens is always such a peaceful moment that you just wouldn’t understand unless you lived it. So join us in 2018 for lots of live coverage of collegiate level women’s golf and professional women’s golf as we travel around the country bringing you live streaming coverage of your favorite events and one on one interviews with your favorite female golfers.

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