How To Use Amazon’s Music Cloud On Iphone Or Ipod

How To Use Amazon’s Music Cloud On Iphone Or Ipod

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Amazon’s cloud computing has become a sensation. It seems that currently only Androids and Blackberry devices can seemlessly take advantage of the free 5 gig of Music Cloud space that Amazon is offering. Iphone and Ipod users CAN use music cloud!

So, Daphne, I heard that you have the 411 on how to use amazon’s music cloud with an ipod or iphone ?

sooo, let the kid hip u to the game.

do u know how apple and amazon keep CLAIMING that
IPhone and iPod users can not access nor use amazon’s free
cloud player and therefore can not adequately take advantage of
that sweet assed free 5 gigabyte of drive space via the iPhone or pod??

well, SURPRISE!! they lied big time.

do you want to know how it’s done?

oh! oh! yes, wonderful and mighty teacher, Daphne! Please school us incorrigable nerds once and for all.

ok. no sane, since u begged politely. on your Iphone or Ipod, open Safari, then navigate to amazon dot com then log into your amazon dot com account. on

the left hand side of the screen, you will see a selection for MP3s and Cloud Player. Select Cloud Player for Web. You will ten be taken to a page asking you

to login. Login then you will have entered your Cloud music portal. Voila!

oh my God, Teacher Daphne! You are the best! Thank you! Thank you for schooling us crumb bums!

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  1. @joycevpeng I thought that your Cloeey’s Marriage video was cool. It had more scenes and characters than mine did.

  2. May have to change these instructions with the Cloud Player app available on iOS devices now 😉

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