Amazon Cloud Player And Drive Review

Amazon Cloud Player And Drive Review

15GB free storage by buying an album:

I take a look at Amazon’s new Cloud Player and Cloud Drive.



Recently Amazon announced a brand new cloud service for storing files of all types as well as a dedicated online music player. Amazon Cloud Drive is similar to Dropbox as it gives you 5GB of storage for any type of file online that can be accessed by a desktop web browser and can be expanded up to 1TB of cloud storage.

Amazon Cloud Player works from your Cloud Drive, allowing you to play your music uploaded from iTunes, Windows Media Player or from your computer on any desktop web browser or on an Android phone with the Amazon MP3 app. The 5GB of storage shared with Cloud Drive can be expanded to 20GB with the purchase of an MP3 album on Amazon. You can upload MP3 and AAC audio files and play them from anywhere with full bitrate making this a great tool for both storing and listening to your music from anywhere.

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