Will You Use Amazon Cloud Player?

Will You Use Amazon Cloud Player?

Amazon made big waves when they put a major discount on the latest Lady Gaga album, and in doing so a lot of new people were exposed to a service they call the Amazon Cloud Player. This player stores your music remotely and allows you to play it directly from the site, freeing space on your hard drive for other content and giving you access to your music wherever you go.

Personally, I prefer to rent music rather than have to manage a music collection of my own.

Do you use this service? If not, would you?

36 thoughts to “Will You Use Amazon Cloud Player?”

  1. I prefer to buy music from the Amazon MP3 store. I only buy music from iTunes when I receive gift cards. I like streaming as well. There’s an app called ooTunes which has different radio stations from many many different countries and different genres which is great for $4.99.

  2. If apple lets me take my ENTIRE library and throw onto a cloud, I’ll pay for it, but if apple makes me only add songs that I buy after I pay for the cloud, then no. Ive got thousands of songs that I would love to be able to take anywhere.

  3. when was the last time I burned a disc?
    Does currently burning a disc right now count?

  4. last time i burned a disk was a week ago.. Ive spent so much money on disks.. i dont want it to die, but I know it will.

  5. I actually haven’t really got into a service like those. I do like to have Original CDs and what not, but at this rate, CDs are becoming obsolete. People are moving more and more to MP3s

  6. I’d use Rhapsody or anything of the sorts, but most of the music I listen too isn’t on those services. Sure, it’s on iTunes, but it don’t really like iTunes, they also over price everything 🙁

  7. never even heard of amazon cloud. most people get free music and put it on an ipod

  8. Wait, so u mean that me replying to all your rhetorical questions was a waste of breath?

  9. I bet if i were to go to Chris’s house the air would be filled with wireless signals and ALL kinds of media just floating around! That would be awesome!!!

  10. I still buy CD’s. I like having a tangible product after giving away my money.

    ps. “I’m mining gold in my underwear.” ^.^ Nice garden path sentence.

  11. Yes, I use the cloud provided by Amazon.com. Not the greatest service, MP3Locker is better in some ways.

  12. Seriously, you guys are so stupid lol. I get ALL my music from youtube, and its fucking free. and no, this is not spam, but theres three websites to download youtube videos to mp3: Mediaconverter, youtubetomp3, and keepvid OR, you can get DVDvideosoft free studio (i think it’s still free), and it has lots of other stuff for yt, like yt to i pod, yt to i phone, etc… so yeah really you guys are just wasting your money. and if you want an album, get U torrent and look up sum songs on demonoid.

  13. Oh my god, what software was used to create the background video?!?!? I must know!!!


  15. @ThePencil901 Do what you want cuz a pirate is free. you are a pirate. yar har fidle le dee. beinga pirate is alright to me. you are a piarte. repeat.

  16. @KnightsBooking if you mean the Screensaver on the Monitor in the Middle: Its called “Electric Sheep”
    I use it too, and like it very much.

  17. I was burning a CD when you asked when what the last time I did it XD

  18. I’m the opposite, I rather own my data, save it my self. But I am using amaCloud just when I go to parties, I can stearm my music. But I still rather back it up on my HDD.

  19. no way i dont care how cheep it gets.
    my other service switched their program and i lost a few hundred bucks.
    itunes all the way now

  20. I just us PLEX to house all of my media including movies and music and stream to any other PC or my Galaxy s3 anywhere. Nothing beats having your own server. I would rather make that investment instead of paying for someone else to house my media on their server.

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