VOX Music Player With Loop Music Cloud Storage

VOX Music Player With Loop Music Cloud Storage

How to sync your FLAC music library between Mac and iPhone?
Install VOX and sign up into Loop. Enjoy!

FREE Download VOX Player:
Learn more about Loop Music Cloud Storage:

5 thoughts to “VOX Music Player With Loop Music Cloud Storage”

  1. F A N T A S T I C player guys/ don’t even switch twice if…
    _you have a multi format music bank
    _iTunes grievances
    & my fav…
    _If you route your audio”out”,through a DAC [ its a click of a switch, on the player itself / nice touch!]

    My only nitpicking @ VOX is …. it does not exist on Android.
    guys at Coppertino… It’s a certainty that you guys would lose out on your first wave advantage to another player who beats you to android. its a loyal customer base. Having said that, I’m unaware if the company mandate is merely to revolve around a proprietary “player and value added plugins” Only [ That is a a check as you guys have a winner at hand 🙂 ]
    If its number acquisition and exit ! …Android should’ve been knocked out on yesterday basis 🙂

    In no way discounting the merit of your product or the think tank strategy,
    to sign off,
    I absolutely LOVE your player and would get as many guys, as I can, to migrate to it 🙂

  2. looking for a place to store my music and videos in a cloud any suggestions

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