Popdose Video Premiere: Jonny Polonsky, “The Same Song”

Popdose is pleased to share with you the brand new video from Chicago pop-meister Jonny Polonsky, from his most recent album, Unreleashed:  Demos & Rarities, 1996 – 2018.  The track, “The Same Song” has a quirky little background, but we’ll leave it to the source himself:

“It’s basically about the sad-eyed joy of hooking up. Kind of a sexed-up Carson McCullers story. 

I was recently listening to the album Night and Day by Joe Jackson, which I had loved as a boy. The last song on the record, “A Slow Song,” is basically where I got the chorus for my song. Totally different feel, vibe and message, and it was 100% unintentional. One of those cute little moments where you can connect the dots that your subconscious puts together when you make stuff. That was a cool surprise, to realize where the germ of my song had come from.
So remember kids, it’s okay to steal; just recontextualize and you’ll be golden.”
Unreleashed:  Demos & Rarities, 1996 – 2018 is currently available