POPDOSE PREMIERE: Chantal Monté, “Everything”

At the risk of sounding totally trite, it is Monday, and we’re all still in need of some major weekend vibes to get us through the start of another week. Wherever you are, even if you’re sat behind a desk, take a second to relax, unwind, and spend a few minutes with Chantal Monté.

A product of post-‘1960s San Fran, Monté translates the power of meditation, sexuality, and transcendence through her music. Her new single, “Everything,” from her upcoming EP Syrup, embodies the kind of cool, sensual sound that lures listeners into a peaceful place. Combining her soft, mantra-like vocals with a bare-bones arrangement from collaborator Nuno Meneses, Monté pairs the studio-created background track with her words — recorded from her own bed.

Here, in its Popdose premiere, take a listen to Chantal Monté’s “Everything,” the ideal track for yoga, meditation, or, ya know, other things. And be sure to visit her website to learn more about her music.