“Regan’s Song,” the latest video collaboration by Razorhouse bandleader Mark Panick and filmmaker and photographer Peter Rosenbaum, is an vivid, black and white tribute to Regan, who was a fixture in Chicago’s punk and LGBTQ bar scene from the late 1970s until her death in 1997. Popdose is pleased to present it here for you as an exclusive.

Regan was a model for the famous photographer Francesco Scavullo. She was both openly transsexual and defiantly tough in an era before LGBTQ acronyms, where terms for gender identity and even words such as “transsexual” weren’t part of daily lexicon. Embraced by Chicago’s underground music and art scenes, Regan was notorious for her beauty and her steel; her persona wrapped in a combination of punk glamor and hairspray; a razor sharp combination of dangerous wit and vulnerability. Panick met Regan in the early ‘80s Chicago punk scene amid misfits and social nonconformists. From the thick-skinned yet kindred underground, Panick tells Regan’s tale of trying to be yourself in world that shuns your very identity. Regan “lived by her wits,” according to Panick.

Think about this one as you watch and listen.