Popdose is pleased to premiere “Whole Lotta Lows,” the first track from Arrica Rose & the …’s latest full-length release, Low as the Moon (available September 8th). This new album is a collection of 13 originals that nod to the past, while sounding thoroughly rooted in the present.  It doesn’t neatly fit into one specific genre and it’s difficult to draw a direct comparison, but that’s precisely what has come to define the sound of Arrica Rose. As the songs flow from delicate Americana balladry to rock ‘n’ roll to retro-tinged pop, the dreaminess of the instrumentation, the sultry vocals, and the artful songwriting allow one track to cohesively weave into the next. The album has a core sound quality and it’s a warmth and fidelity we associate with old records – but with the addition of omnichord, ambient synths and textures, it makes Low as the Moon more than a nod to the classics. The album also has a unifying perspective driven by Rose’s imaginative lyrics; lyrics that paint vivid cinematic imagery. Picture the dark lit by a persistent optimism, a hope that balances the despair and calls into focus the silver-lining.   You’ll see – or hear, actually.  

So listen now to “Whole Lotta Lows”