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Music Cloud

New beautiful music player for Android. The first choice of mobile listening.

Cloud Music (pt 3)

Cloud Music (pt 3)

Why is Amazon willing to lose money signing up people for their cloud music services?

Hi, I’m Mickeleh continuing my series on Amazon’s cloud music services.

To review.

Part one covered the What?

The cloud is the internet.

Cloud storage is storage on somebody else’s hard drive somewhere out on the Internet.
And there are thousands of services offering it.

Cloud music services add to that special features for, well, music.

Amazon is pushing a cloud storage service for music (and other things) called Cloud Drive. And a streaming player called Cloud player.

They’re pushing it so hard that they’re practically giving it away. They even sold lady Gaga’s album at a loss to pull people in.

Part two we covered the Why

And we covered the Why
Apple dominates online music sales through iTunes.

Amazon has been able to take share from other players, but hasn’t dented Apple’s dominance.

But there are two important market changes that Amazon may be able to take advantage of

Amazon has been able to take share from other players, but hasn’t dented Apple’s dominance. Both Apple and Amazon grew year to year.

Opportunity. As Android phones take share from iPhones, Amazon might be able to finally take share from iTunes.

And that’s certainly worth a few million dollars to Amazon.

But if you look at platforms, the picture is different. Combine all the Android phones together, and Android is the dominant platform

Part three let’s look into Why Now? Let’s get started.


Amazon might want to move quickly for three reasons.

One: they don’t have the Android world all to themselves.

Apple’s not there. But Google is.

Android launched with its own place to buy apps: Android Market. Amazon popped in with a competitor: The Amazon App Store. Which is fighting to win customer loyalty.

But In music—Amazon is first to the party. They’re already selling music. And they want to grab as much territory as possible before Google shows up.

With their own cloud music service. It’s on the way. They’re already testing it as Google Music Beta. Invitation only.

In broad outline very similar to Amazon’s music service. Upload your music to the Cloud. Stream it to your phone, or play it on your PC. Pricing free. (for now, anyway) You can store up to 20,000 songs.

The biggest difference between Google Music and Amazon’s Cloud Player? You can buy music from Amazon. You can’t from Google.

But it’s not hard to imagine that Google will add a store. In fact, you don’t have to imagine it.

Google recently updated their market app for Android.

The people at a site called androidandme went poking around in the resource files of the Google Market app. And look what they found: icons for shopping bags. All color-coded: red for Movies, green for apps, blue for books. and orange for music. Orange. Hmm. Just like the Google Music site.

Of course, Google can’t turn on their music store until they have a deal with the music companies. And there’s no public information about where that stands.

And Apple is upping its game this fall with new phone models, a new version of iOS, and there own cloud service. iCloud has some uniqure advantages—and one huge gap: no streaming.
The third reason is a looming threat to music sales on all four platforms: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. This one’s a biggie—and deserves it’s own video. So I guess that means Part IV.
Until Next time… I’m Mickeleh.

Use The Beat All-in-One Music Player On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [How-To]

Use The Beat All-in-One Music Player On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 [How-To]

” upload_time=”2013-12-04T00:52:22.000Z” description=”How to Master Your Android Tunes with Beat Full Tutorial: Subscribe to softModder: In this softModder tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to use one of most” duration=”PT3M26S”]
How to Master Your Android Tunes with Beat
Full Tutorial:
Subscribe to softModder:

In this softModder tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to use one of most simple, yet powerful music players on the Google Play Store for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Note 3. With Beat, you can get floating controls, a built-in equalizer, cloud streaming, and customizable settings all in one simple music player.

For more information and for downloads, check out the full tutorial over on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 softModder using the link above.

How To Add Music To IPhone With Cloud Music Using Dropbox Box Or Google Drive

How To Add Music To IPhone With Cloud Music Using Dropbox Box Or Google Drive

This vide show how to add music to an iPhone with the App Cloud Music.

Clouds Supported:
-Google Drive

Soon we will support more clouds!

Download our app free at:

The Pro version:

How To Use Amazon’s Music Cloud On Iphone Or Ipod

How To Use Amazon’s Music Cloud On Iphone Or Ipod

For more of Daphne’s zany antics, visit:

Amazon’s cloud computing has become a sensation. It seems that currently only Androids and Blackberry devices can seemlessly take advantage of the free 5 gig of Music Cloud space that Amazon is offering. Iphone and Ipod users CAN use music cloud!

So, Daphne, I heard that you have the 411 on how to use amazon’s music cloud with an ipod or iphone ?

sooo, let the kid hip u to the game.

do u know how apple and amazon keep CLAIMING that
IPhone and iPod users can not access nor use amazon’s free
cloud player and therefore can not adequately take advantage of
that sweet assed free 5 gigabyte of drive space via the iPhone or pod??

well, SURPRISE!! they lied big time.

do you want to know how it’s done?

oh! oh! yes, wonderful and mighty teacher, Daphne! Please school us incorrigable nerds once and for all.

ok. no sane, since u begged politely. on your Iphone or Ipod, open Safari, then navigate to amazon dot com then log into your amazon dot com account. on

the left hand side of the screen, you will see a selection for MP3s and Cloud Player. Select Cloud Player for Web. You will ten be taken to a page asking you

to login. Login then you will have entered your Cloud music portal. Voila!

oh my God, Teacher Daphne! You are the best! Thank you! Thank you for schooling us crumb bums!

– created at

[TemptingReviews] Amazon MP3 Cloud Player (Android)

[TemptingReviews] Amazon MP3 Cloud Player (Android)

Amazon MP3 Cloud Player (Android)” upload_time=”2011-04-24T17:06:58.000Z” description=”Android has had the Amazon MP3 app for some time now. It’s a slim, trim application that allows you to purchase unlocked high quality MP3 files directly from” duration=”PT11M54S”]
Android has had the Amazon MP3 app for some time now. It’s a slim, trim application that allows you to purchase unlocked high quality MP3 files directly from Amazon MP3 and auto bill it to a card on record. This integrates with other music programs such as Pandora and SoundHound where you can identify a song you like on the radio, then purchase it immediately.

Amazon has recently improved the application to allow cloud storage. By default you get 5GB to store whatever DRM-free MP3 or WMA files you want. You can upload your own files to the cloud and then access them from mobile devices, PC, or Mac. Or, as in my case, you can use it to archive Amazon MP3 purchases automatically AND download them to your device, so it’s available in two places. You can also use the player for your existing on-device files, or stream music directly from the cloud.

Amazon is also offering a special where they will bump your cloud storage to 20GB if you buy a full priced album from them, which is a nice offering.

The only two negatives for this service: 1, you can’t upload files from the mobile device. I would really liked to have the ability to do this as I do have music that I’ve bought from Amazon MP3 before that’s on my phone that I would love to have archived up to the cloud without needing my computer (I could select a bunch of files and just queue them up to upload). 2, it doesn’t seem to be consistent with the album art when streaming from the cloud. Not a big deal, just something noticed.

Overall it’s a solid service. Amazon MP3 – the app – has always been my favorite over Rhapsody or iTunes, but the one issue I had was that you could never re-download songs you already purchased without buying them again. Cloud Player alleviates this problem by providing a way to re-download any song in your cloud storage at any time. I know a lot of people freeze or remove the Amazon MP3 app because they use Rhapsody, and to those I would encourage you to give the Amazon MP3 app a really close look. It really is the best music service there is today.

Beat Cloud & Music Player App Review

Beat Cloud & Music Player App Review

For more details, check out our web site:

Have you ever wanted a music player for your Android phone that brings together the tracks uploaded to cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive, in addition to indexing the tunes on your device memory? There’s a new kid in the town of Android audio apps, called Beat cloud&music player…

Introducing Amazon Cloud Player

Introducing Amazon Cloud Player

Shop more than 20 million songs, play your music on the web, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device with Amazon Cloud Player.

My Cloud Player For Android V2 5 Screencast

My Cloud Player For Android V2 5 Screencast

Music player powered by SoundCloud with scrobbling support with ‘Simple Scrobbler’ app.

Download the App:

*** To all new users: If you don’t know what SoundCloud is, read here before asking for full albums and commercial tracks: ***

Explore and listen music from SoundCloud just like on any other music player, save and share playlists and much, much more.

Dark and Light theme available

Saved playlists can be listened anywhere from web browser or on your android device.

If you want to contact us or participate in beta testing of the app, join this community:

Basic Features:
– Search tracks, sets, users and groups
– Listen Stations (radios) created by users
– Explore by preset or custom genre
– Explore tracks (recent/trending/featured)
– Explore users (who to follow/friends/by activity/by favorites/latest users)
– Browse user’s tracks, likes, sets, groups, followings and followers
– Shuffle and Repeat mode
– Manage current playlist (drag artwork to reorder, fling to remove track)
– Download tracks (tracks marked as downloadable by author only)
– Cache Tracks for offline listening
– Playback control widget
– Remote media buttons support
– Low battery comsumption
– Automatic play/pause on headphones jack plugged in/out
– Automatic play/pause on incoming call
– Search suggestions, voice search
– Save state, the player will continue where you’ve been before (even after reboot)

Advanced Features:
– Login with SoundCloud account (web connect or ‘In App’ username/password)
– Get updates from your Dashboard, Stream, Activities
– Integration with Simple Scrobbler (supports and
– Charts, most played tracks in week, month or custom time range
– Play history
– Manage likes, reposts, followings, joined groups
– Add track to playlist
– Add track to set
– Manage set tracks
– Manage playlist tracks

Amazon Cloud Player Demo

Amazon Cloud Player Demo



Amazon has just launched its Cloud music service called Amazon Cloud Player. Which allows user to upload their own music to player any where, on a laptop at work or even on their Android device through the Amazon Mp3. Providing you 5Gb of Cloud music storage space and you can always purchase more.

It’s a very simple process as you will see in our video demo. But here are Amazon’s steps

How to Get Started with Cloud Drive and Cloud Player
Step 1. Add music to Cloud Drive

Purchase a song or album from the Amazon MP3 Store and click the Save to Amazon Cloud Drive button when your purchase is complete. Your purchase will be saved for free.

Step 2. Play your music in Cloud Player for Web

Click the Launch Amazon Cloud Player button to start listening to your purchase. Add more music from your library by clicking the Upload to Cloud Drive button from the Cloud Player screen. Start with 5 GB of free Cloud Drive storage. Upgrade to 20 GB with an MP3 album purchase (see details). Use Cloud Player to browse and search your library, create playlists, and download to your computer.

Step 3. Enjoy your music on the go with Cloud Player for Android

Install the Amazon MP3 for Android app to use Cloud Player on your Android device. Shop the full Amazon MP3 store, save your purchases to Cloud Drive, stream your Cloud Player library, and download to your device right from your Android phone or tablet.