How To: Use Amazon Cloud Player For Android

How To: Use Amazon Cloud Player For Android

Amazon’s new service lets you store your music in the cloud. Sharon Vaknin shows you how to stream and download your tunes on your Android device.

15 thoughts to “How To: Use Amazon Cloud Player For Android”

  1. All this digital based media is to much in my opinion. I’ll continue to stick with physical media.

  2. @TF2Wolv True true;p but still it sucks usa gets all the goodies first, I live in The Nethelands and we always have to wait for the good stuff. We consume just a much if not more as the Americans

  3. wtf only on u.s fuck i was happy that i had an android and not iphone … =_= fuck u amazon

  4. @theguywiththebigears at least the iphoen isnt a laggy pile of fragmented junk like android. look at that horrid app UI.

  5. @LightCan why are apple fanboys so thin skinned & always attack everyone?? A reply may prove my point!

  6. @Habbloxian HAHAH android…. lol customizing in android sucks.. I rather have a standard UI like iOS which just works.. (yes.. i own an htc desire and iphone)

  7. @Habbloxian Ha ha! I didn’t get it at first & had to go back & read my original comment! You are funny!!!!

  8. @mightymelee Apple is gonna make a knock off version that’s gonna have a ton of restrictions. I’ll pass. Itunes already sucks as it is.

  9. When will I be able to start using my Amazon Cloud Player on my Windows Phone ? I already have it on my Laptop & my Roku player !!!

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