How To Make Your Own Amazon Cloud Player App For Mac

How To Make Your Own Amazon Cloud Player App For Mac

So there is only a web interface for Amazon Cloud Player, but by following these steps you can make an “app” that comes very close to being as good as any installed music player.
Get Fluid:
Page for Amazon icon pack:

Special cameo from Alfred:

9 thoughts to “How To Make Your Own Amazon Cloud Player App For Mac”

  1. I did this many months ago but disabled it because every time I downloaded new songs to the cloud player the url would change making the ssb inoperable. Did I do something incorrectly ?

  2. @meyoumovie Not sure what would be different. Did it happen when you downloaded songs from Amazon MP3 or when you were uploading songs to the cloud player?

  3. @ctsamurai Only from downloading from Amazon. I will give it another try and let you know how it goes.

  4. @meyoumovie Hey, don’t know if this is still an issue or if its resolved, but I tried adding more content both from my own library and bought an album and it didn’t affect the app from opening. I do have to log in from time to time since the authentication will eventually expire.

  5. @ctsamurai Sorry for not getting back to you, It totally slipped my mind. All is working very well with the app. Thanks again !!!! Great job on the video and it’s content.
    P.S. do you do anything with “HTML” and or “CSS” I am just learning myself, and have made a few basic webpages but always looking for info.

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