EP Review: Brothers Prince, “Single”

Popdose introduced you to Brothers Prince, the twin Prince brothers (!) in June, who impressed us with their first offering, the perfectly-summer-y track, “Sun To Rise”.  The Oakland natives are now back with their first E.P., aptly titled Single.  Although it’s only 3 tracks – “Son To Rise” being one of them – we wanted to let you know what we think thus far.

“Finish Last” is a sweet sounding groove; laid back with some delicious guitar and elements of the ’70’s styled slower soul-funk.  A little jazzy, although I don’t love rap-styled vocals (I would have preferred him singing instead), the backing vocals and harmonies shine, especially on the choruses.  “Sun To Shine” you already know and we at Popdose love; “So Musical” is another warm, upbeat and positive track.  This trade-off of vocals is spot on and the use of keyboards makes the song burst with pure soul.

I know three songs aren’t enough to gauge but I think Brothers Prince are already off to a fine and impressive start.  A finely-tuned sense of melody; strong song structures and FEEL – which has to be emphasized.  The summer’s come and gone – let’s see what Brothers Prince offer for the cold, dark winter.


Single is currently available