Controlling Web-based Music Players With Global Hotkeys

Controlling Web-based Music Players With Global Hotkeys

I wanted to be able to control web-based music players like Google Music, Amazon Cloud Player, and Pandora with keyboard shortcuts, so I put this project together.

To learn more, check out the blog post:

7 thoughts to “Controlling Web-based Music Players With Global Hotkeys”

  1. Cool stuff, let’s just just hope those players don’t change their DOM selectors anytime soon. Quite unfortunate how you can’t rely on calling JS methods due to the obfuscation, but the small amount of re-work to your scripts based on any future DOM updates is definitely minimal work. Keep hacking!

  2. I did something very similar under Linux (only for one web based player that I wrote myself, though). I might post a video response if I get screen capture to work (which I didn’t last time I tried).

  3. +onokje in Firefox one could even dispense the node server because you can start a (web) server in an add-on. So the setup would be easier (if someone would implement something like this).

  4. *Finally* I added a web socket server to my play control KDE plasma widget:
    I think this is the better way. Now a web app can connect to the web socket server running on localhost. I still have to write a browser plugin that adds support for this to various web pages. I directly added this feature to though. 🙂

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