Best Top 3 Cloud Music Players For Android

Best Top 3 Cloud Music Players For Android

Don’t have access to the Google Music Cloud in your country? Well don’t worry, i got ya covered!
#1) CloudAround:
#2) TunesAccess:
#3) MyMusicCloud:

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23 thoughts to “Best Top 3 Cloud Music Players For Android”

  1. I use Audiogalaxy. You install a server client on your home pc and you have access to all your music where ever you go!

  2. 🙁 I would if i could use it, I’m outside the US I hate this country restrictions, Can’t even download it from the Play Store and use it with a VPN

  3. Actually you can use google play music anywhere, i use it and i’m outside the US, you only have to be on a proxy the first time you set up the account and then it doesn’t check it again

  4. Yes it’s always nice to have alternatives, shame that the Audiogalaxy app that was mentioned in a comment is not accepting new users anymore as it was acquired by dropbox 🙁 it sounded amazing.

  5. Great for those that have a home computer that’s always on. Those of us with laptops don’t have much use for it :

  6. i have a nokia lumia 800 and i dont know any good music download app do you know any please answer

  7. yes, Audio galaxy is a good application for streaming audio files from your pc but then your computer needs to be turned ON for this to work

  8. Audio galaxy is great but your computer needs to be turned ON for this application to work on your phone.

  9. I live in the us but i dont know how to access that google cloud thing

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